Who We Are

Artesian Transitional Housing program is based upon a twelve step spiritual program.

Dscn0104This includes:

  • Attending daily AA/NA meeting.
  • Working weekly with a sponsor.
  • Committing to a home group.
  • Supporting & encouraging other residents.
  • Being of service.
  • Being self supportive by finding full time employment.
  • Attending weekly house meetings.

Available services include:

Dscn0120Transportation to and from medical and job related appointments and AA/NA meetings, Educational resources including lectures, books and DVDs, An expansive network of local resources including AA, legal & medical resources and group classes to aid with time management, budgeting, boundaries and life skills.

Residents are Accountable To:

  1. Maintain a sober responsible life.
  2. Build cooperative, supportive relationships with housemates.
  3. Submit to random drug testing.
  4. Adhere to all the house rules.